The Lady Finger Short Story

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The short story under view “The Lady Finger” is the table of an adopted girl, who had to face the miseries and sorrows of life, a Spanish National, but as is by birth a Pakistani, so she has got deep rooted links in Pakistan with her blood relations and friends. She can peep in the Pakistani society more effectively and purposefully of the life in Pakistan, as she is well acquainted with the routine of the life in Pakistan. She has portrayed the plight of the women in her native country, because she has been living in same conditions and has been observing the domestic violence and other deprivation. She is a very accomplished writer in a sense that she has not hesitated to critical of the society, which is male-dominated, and the women in spite of being in majority have to rely on the decisions of the male technocrats, politicians, bureaucrats and the religious scholars, where the representations of women folk in these institutions has been very meek.
From the point of view social structure, the teachings of the shariah emphasize the role of the family as the unit of the society –the family in the extended sense and not in the atomized, nuclear modem form. The greatest social achievement of the holy prophet (SAW) in Medina was precisely in breaking the existing tribal bonds and substituting religious ones which were connected on the one hand with the totality of the Muslim community and on the other hand with the family. The Muslim family is the miniature of the whole of

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