The Lady Or The Tiger: A Literary Analysis

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There are many uncivilized leaders and it is hard to choose just one, but barbarism is the opposite of a civil monarchy. In literature, there are many examples of inhuman leaders, including Frank R. Stockton's barbaric king in "The Lady, or the Tiger?". The king is half barbaric and created a legal system that is dishonest and is used for the satisfaction of the viewers. Due to the absence of a government's influence the king’s inhumanity is extremely evident. The king is uncivilized because of his arbitrary and barbaric justice system and his lack of government in his kingdom. The king demonstrates his cruelness by having an unfair justice system because it does not truly tell whether the accused is guilty or innocent and it is used more for entertainment than for justice. For Example, the justice system is used to entertain the people and the king. On page 269 the narrator explains “The institution was a very popular one. When the people gathered together on one of the great trial days, they never knew whether they were to witness a bloody slaughter or a hilarious wedding.” This quote exhibits how the justice system is used for entertainment because of the joy and sorrow a person gets from coming to the arena to watch a man choose his fate. The justice system is used like a…show more content…
The king is only one great example of an uncivilized leader out of many in the world we live in today. An uncivilized leader is not only someone who doesn’t accept guidance or have an appropriate justice system, but someone who laughs at funerals or makes rude remarks for no reason. Barbaric people are everywhere not just in the past but also in the present and there will be no time frame when they do not exist. It is the job of the people to point them out so that situations similar to the king’s barbarism in “The Lady, or the Tiger?” do not happen in the real

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