The Lady Or The Tiger Personal Response

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“The Lady or the Tiger”
Dakota Have you ever heard of the story “The Lady Or The Tiger” by Frank R Stockton. If so, then you would of heard of the semi barbaric king with the barbaric practice of his court. Know you must wonder how could someone be semi barbaric? There are a couple ways, but in this story, it is because he can be nice and happy when things go his way, on the other hand when things don't go his way the attitude would change dramatically. Now the king had a different side of him that was closer to him, and that was the princess which was believed to be the fairest maiden across land. This princess may sound perfect and happy, but she like her father was considered semi barbaric as she would show up to her lovers trial and hold
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Now this can mean numerous things like being stressed out, excited or even happy, but in this case I believe it is because of love and worry. All this effort and worrying can only mean that she cares for him and is worried. Now if you had to decide whether you loved or hated your lover, what actions and thoughts would be going through you and what would you be doing.

Despite the fact that this all seems like it is just in stories and does not exist I think it appears everyday to almost everyone. As I just stated that it appears everyday it might not be exactly the same in a life or death decision it is close. That is the choices we make to stay up late and watch tv or go to bed and get a better good sleep it still applies to it affects what happens after. Same as when someone gets out of jail or prison, they have a choice to go back to crime and end back in jail or take a brighter path where they help a community and get a good job. These are two of the real life connections I think of when I have to connect this story to something

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