The Lady Or The Tiger Suspense Analysis

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Text Connection Essay “The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts” (Oscar Wilde). Suspense makes a reader not want to put down a book and imagery is proof. In both Full Tilt and “The Lady Or The Tiger” imagery is the key component when it comes to suspense. Neal Shusterman uses imagery to create suspense in the mystery novel Full Tilt.
“They were the screams of riders torn apart by the twisted reflections of their own inner selves” (Shusterman _).In this example Shusterman uses imagery to describe the suspense all of the readers are hooked and wondering what will happen next. When Shusterman explains the screams of the riders and the images of themselves makes suspense fill the air. Shusterman also uses imagery to create suspense when something goes wrong. “Suddenly the road took a sharp turn,and a huge oak tree loomed in my headlights,I spun the wheel and stomped on the brake,The
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When Stockton explains what would happen if the door opens to the tiger or the lady. Stockton also uses imagery to create suspense when he describes the crowd on this day.“The appointed day arrived,From far and near the people gathered,and thronged the great galleries of the arena, and crowds, unable to gain admittance, massed themselves against its outside walls” (Stockton 110-113). In this example Stockton uses imagery to explain suspense where the reader is anxious to turn the next page.When Stockton explains the crowd and this builds the suspense.Frank Stockton uses imagery to describe suspense throughout the short story “The Lady or The Tiger”. In both Full Tilt and “The Lady Or The Tiger” imagery is the most vital component to share suspense in a book. In both Full Tilt and “The Lady Or The Tiger’’ throughout both stories imagery is being used to describe suspense. When you can’t put a book down because of the suspense look to find the imagery behind the
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