The Lady Or The Tiger Vs Gladiators Essay

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Choices and consequences are a subject that looks shallow from a certain angle, but if you view it from above, you’ll see the depth and the skewed perception and vision of the object. Responsibilities and consequences derived from choice and agency can vary wildly, and as a result, the relationship between the two sides can be directly connected, or extremely muddled. The justification for this statement lies in many places, daily life, the two passages, “The Lady, or the Tiger” and “Gladiators,” and even in subconscious choices.
”The Lady, or the Tiger,” a fictitious passage, has a realistic representation of choice and consequence, although it appears simple, inane, and obvious, it has an underlying meaning of choice and displays myriad quantities of control over it. This literary text shows the illusion of choice in its “poetic justice” of random chance. “If the accused man opened one door, out came a hungry tiger, the fiercest in the land… But, if the accused opened the other door, there came forth from it a woman.” The quote
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Since everything is true, results from actions are as accurate as they can be. Gladiators were slaves, prisoners,and volunteers put into the Coliseum to battle against themselves, one on one. The crowd and the king (mostly the king) got to decide the fate of the defeated warrior, whether they shall live or die. The choices are from the king, crowd, and gladiators, due to various factors. Gladiators could sometimes have a say if they took up the sword, but in various situations, it was execution, or fighting to the death. Masses of people and the king both had agency in the fate of the loser, but more often than not, they defaulted to death over survival. The choices in this nonfiction text were impactful, and on the forefront of the text, yet there has to be something pulling the
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