Character Analysis: The Lady With The Dog By Antonin Cekhov

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For my paper, I have decided to analyze the relationship between the main characters, Anna and Gurov, in the sorry called The Lady with the Dog by Antonin Cekhov.
Firstly I will start with brief introduction of the story ´Lady with the Dog where the author of this novel describes the love story of two people who fall in love in conditions that were unacceptable by the inner world and which do not let them to enjoy the love of theirs. Both of the main characters are constantly looking for the escape from their private lives and suddenly, they find the ´´safe haven´´ in the arms of the other person. The author did not narrat this story of the lovers as a romantic one, on the other hand, their romance is based on the lies, secrets and denigration
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They were meeting secretly every two-three months. They have created an illusion of the perfect world where they could forget about reality. They lived two diverse lives. One which was known and accepted by the society and which was considered for real one where both of them were struggling with suffering feeling, and other one in which they could enjoy the company of each other but which symbolized the boundaries with the moral values of the society. Despite the fact that he was acting as totally free and unbound man, he was caught by his own life, by his family from he could not escape.

The narrator is using colours in order to differentiate the emotions of the character. The place at Yalta where they survived their most beautiful times is full of colours and everything seems to be described in very optimistic way. Since the time they had to split up, everything turned into the dark or boring colours which symbolized the depression and suffering from unfulfilled desire to be together.
To sum it up, this story was written in the times of realism in 19th century in which the authors wanted to point out on the real problems of the society and do not wrap the reality up into the affable idea of typical love story with happy ending and endless

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