The Lake Ladies Character Analysis

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The Lake Ladies, by Walter Paul Gullen, delivers a classic mystery novel with detail and plot, along with the representation of the individual vs. society. Throughout the novel, the mention of Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher, and his work is constantly repeated to provide helpful insight of the characters portrayed in the book. Within the first few pages of the novel, the readers are presented with a renowned scholar, Marston Bates, who studies the works of Nietzsche. Thus, when murders start to occur around the town during his vacation, Marston joins with the Chicago Police Department to help put a stop to the crimes. Upon each death, Marston is left with a note by the murderer referencing Nietzsche to whom Marston needs to find hidden hints and clues. Personally, I found the novel enjoyable as a person who enjoys reading fiction in…show more content…
The novel provides very descriptive and colorful imagery within each chapter to help recreate the scenes. Each character introduced plays a role and can show their relation with the plot despite how short their essential “screen time” is such as Louella, a victim of the murderer. The theme of an individual vs. society within the chapter and can be seen when in several different ways. My personal view on how The Lake Ladies, provides this, is from the point of view of the murderer. Throughout the novel, the reader is constantly given the question “Why would the murderer do this? What is his reasoning, his line of thought?” Thus, in the conclusion of the story, we are presented with the motives of the murderer. The story is well written and well-paced as to not present the reader with much information early, but rather only provided in the end to essentially connect all the gaps of information missing prior. The Lake Ladies, by Walter Paul Gullen, is a great piece of literature, both for entertainment and education, providing an enticing mystery novel with several quotes and thoughts from several
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