The Lakota Sioux Tribe

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Lakota Sioux Indians--What You Didn’t Know As many of you probably know, most Americans aren’t very knowledgeable about the people who were here before them. The Native Americans. There are so many misconceptions and just plain wrong beliefs of the Lakota and their way of life. Some Americans only see the Lakota Indians as savage, uncivilized, uneducated, conquered people who were dependent on others. Very few really understand who the Lakota were and how their way of life was different from Americans today. The Lakota is the tribe’s name for itself and it may mean “allies” or “friends”. The name can also be translated as the “alliance of friends” (Dewitt, . Lakota are a part of the Sioux tribe. There are three different Sioux tribes. These were the Dakota, the Lakota, and the Nakota. The Sioux tribes were once give the name Nadoweiswug, which means “little adders” or “snakes,” by their enemies, the Ojibway. The French had mispronounced the Ojibway word as “Nadewisou” and shortened it to “Sioux.” Because the name was intended as an insult, many of the people dislike being called Sioux (Dewitt,. To the Lakota, perseverance was, and still is,…show more content…
A conceited, egotistical man was only aware of himself. Amusingly, our ways of choosing leaders today seem to prefer the conceited and egotistical. But of all the virtues, humility is one that life will teach us if we don’t learn it on our own. Generosity, therefore, is a timeless virtue that lives in the heart. Indeed, the literal translation of the Lakota word for generosity, canteyuke (chan-te-you-keh), means “has a heart.” Humility may be the most difficult quality to learn and maintain. As a society we reward arrogance and “attitude”; and our heroes tend to be loud and brash sports figures, millionaire developers, movie stars, and the like-those kinds of people who don’t know, or don’t want to know what humility is (Marshall,

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