The Lamaze Method: The Benefits Of Birthing Methods

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Though the majority of expecting mother opt out for going to the nearest hospital to give birth, there are many more options that provide their own perks and benefits. It is important that every mother lay out a birth plan for what they expect and need while they are in labor. Doing so will not only relive a lot of the stress that goes along with giving birth, but also provide information to her support team about how she wants the birth of her baby to go down. There is no choice between birthing plans that is better than the rest, rather each one caters to the needs and specific requirements a mother may have during her pregnancy. Hospital births are by far the most common birthing option that woman choose. Many believe that this is because…show more content…
The Lamaze method was created by Ferdinand Lamaze, the original creator of the “hee-hee-hoo” method of childbirth breathing. Today Lamaze believes women have the right to give birth free from medical intervention. Lamaze teaches birthing classes or a span of weeks leading up tp labor and emphasizes the “six Lamaze healthy birth practices.” The six practices include: allowing labor to begin on its own, moving around throughout the labor, bringing along a doula or friend for support, avoiding unnecessary interventions, avoiding laying on back for bushing, and keeping the mother and baby together. A birthing plan very similar to the Lamaze method is the Bradley method. Also known as “husband-coached birth,” this method puts and emphasis on natural childbirth. Through relaxation and normal breathing does the mother reduce labor pains. This method focuses on the labor coach’s role and requires a 12-week-long course to properly prepare for the delivery. The importance of every expecting mother to choose and lay out a birth plan catered towards her needs is vital to a smooth and successful birth. Planning ahead and being informed is also key to having a smoother delivery day. There are many options out there for pregnant women, some being far better for some than others. Though it is normal, and by far more popular, to just go to the hospital when your water breaks, there may be an option out there better for both the mom and the
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