The Lamb To The Slaughter By Roald Dahl

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The Lamb to the Slaughter is a mystery horror story by Roald Dahl. It is about a wife (Mary Maloney) murdering her drunk husband (Patrick Maloney) after he gives her short answers when she asks him questions. She hits him over the head with a leg of lamb to kill him. A theme I see is change and when something bad happens. You can drastically change in life. From the beginning, you can see how the Mary might change to the point where she wants to kill her husband. In the beginning she is shown waiting eagerly for her husband to walk thru the door. Roald Dahl shows this by Mary looking at the clock every once and awhile. She would know that every time a minute goes by, the closer he is to home. Patrick finally comes home and sits down to drink. Mary knows not to talk until the first drink is finished. Whenever Mary would ask…show more content…
They ask her questions. The detective have asked Mary if they can look around for the murder weapon. When they have searched the entire house they came back and Mary asks them for a drink. They all sip a bit of whiskey. One of the sheriff 's (Jack), tells Mary her oven is on with the lamb (the murder weapon) inside. And he turns it off for her. Then Mary asks them if they want to eat the lamb. She feels guilty having them at their house not giving them decent hospitality. At first, they say no. “Please, Mary begs.” She is really wanting them to eat it so she can get rid of the evidence. So she changes from innocent to mischievous again to make sure she gets rid of the evidence by making the police officers eat it. When they eat the entire leg of lamb, the two cops are talking. One of them says, “Whoever done it, they 're not going to be carrying a thing like that around with them longer than they need.” Then they say, “Personally, I think it 's right here on the premises. Probably right under our noses. What do you think, Jack.” Then Roald finished by saying, “And in the other room, Mary Maloney began to
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