The Land Bridge Theory

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——- Are the ancestors of today’s Native Americans actually native to the Americas? The topic on how Native Americans got to the Americas has long been debated. According to the Land Bridge Theory, also known as the Bering Strait Theory, Native Americans were thought to have migrated across the Bering Strait from Asia (Siberia) to Alaska on a land bridge formed by ice. Meaning that Native Americans actually come from places in Asia. This theory has been widely excepted and has even been put into most modern textbooks, but is it really true? (
——- The Land Bridge Theory was first proposed by José de Acosta, a Spanish theologian and missionary, while studying the New World. ( Since then archeologists have
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The “Clovis First” states that the Siberian immigrants, known now as the “Clovis People”, came over the land bridge during the Pleistocene Ice Ages because of the falling sea levels and quickly spread and settled in the New World. ( This theory came about because of the discovery of spear points near Clovis, New Mexico. Those spear points found in New Mexico matched the kind of artifacts that were also found in Beringia. After radio carbon testing was done on the spears showing that the spears were over 13,000 years old, archeologists believed this to be the first evidence of humans in the Americas.…show more content…
They used a stone blade found in North America, and after radio carbon testing was done on it, they realized it dated back to over 22,000 years ago. They realized there was also a blade similar to the one they had that had been found in western Europe. Many people thought that because two blades so similar were found but in different places, the Land Bridge Theory had to be true. The researchers then put out a statement explaining how far the stone blade dated back and that that would be before theorists said people began to populate the Americas. (
——- At Harvard Medical School they concluded that most modern South Americans carry DNA that shares history with many people native to Australia. This suggests that the first population is more diverse than thought to be and that they possibly came from somewhere else.

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