The Land Ethic Environmental Issues

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The world’s oceans have been at our disposal since the beginning of our existence as a species. Today, there is strong, scientific evidence that highlights rising levels of pollution in our oceans. This man made problem, one that has specifically grown in recent years, has shown steady evidence and conclusive data indicating grim effects on marine environments and ecosystems. Looking at this issue through the lens of Aldo Leopold and David Orr, I will examine the ethical concerns in which we are taking advantage of something that we do not own, and our education regarding the subject as a whole (ENV100 Fall 2015, Lecture #4, 2015). Finally, as an ongoing issue that has many known contributors, I aim to highlight and illustrate preventative…show more content…
In The Land Ethic by Aldo Leopold, he explores why we have taken over ownership of something that does not belong to us. He states “a land ethic changes the role of Homo sapiens from conqueror of the land community to plain member and citizen of it” (Leopold, course reading package, page 204). Land ethics in relation to oceanic pollution means investigating and reflecting on our decision to flood the planet’s seas with waste and chemicals, changing the living conditions of every species that touches the ocean. There is no doubt that taking advantage of this precious resource is not only immanently damaging, but also morally wrong. Additionally, in What Is Education For? written by David Orr, we look at the topic of education in relation to the global responsibility that comes with it (ENV100 Fall 2015, Lecture #2, 2015). This can relate directly back to and further develop the concept of land ethics, as he…show more content…
As evidence has proven, we now know that this issue has serious repercussions on marine environment and wildlife. Oceanic pollution is linked to an abundance of causes, and because of this, it becomes virtually impossible to solve. It is impractical to think that we would ever be able to remove every form waste from our water. This topic is of present political importance, as there is an immediate need for action. World leaders should prioritize our planet, using their platform and position of power to bring attention to these environmental concerns that every citizen should be aware of. In an academic journal titled Marine pollution control: law, science and politics written by Douglas M. Johnston, he claims, “any effective combination of adjustments and precautions involves difficult organizational tasks that require unprecedented exercises of political will and novel feats of legal imagination” (Johnston, 1972, page 69). Years worth of neglect and irresponsibility mean that the damage has already been done. As with any irreversible problem, the only thing left to do is try to take preventative measures. Be mindful that waterways carry litter, and oftentimes an ocean is the finishing

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