The Landscape In Pi's Life Of Pi

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The landscape that someone grows up in can determine how people see other landscapes. The book life of pi is good book for showing the relationship between individual and landscape in a couple ways because the tables turn and it gives u a sight into what it would be like if humans weren 't at the top of the ranking in society. In the poem Newfoundland he also describes the landscape and a huge part of his life.

In the book Life of PI,Pi has grown up in a zoo that his father owns and loves animals very much he can name all of them and compares how they behave to human behavior. He also learns ranking in the zoo what animal is at the top and which animal is at the bottom his father tells him that the most dangerous animal in the humans who visit and Pi tells us this in the book he says “We commonly say in the trade that the most dangerous animal in the zoo is man”(Martel,31).He learns later in the book that this completely changes when they aren 't in cages.

When Pi is on the boat he realizes that in the wild it is the exact opposite in that case humans are not the most dangerous animals it is the large carnivorous animals.In the book he has to fish to feed Richard parker so that he doesn 't eat Pi.PI
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In the book the Cellist of Sarajevo Dragan has to leave his sister’s house and he has to cross an intersection, but he knows that he will be shot at if he does and he sees someone get shot at the intersection. His landscape has influenced him because it wasn 't always like this and now he has to watch where he goes in his hometown.He says “‘I can 't remember if we were like that, or just think we were. It seems impossible to remember what things were like.’And he suspects this is what the men on the hills want most. They would, of course, like to kill them all, but if they can 't, they would like to make them forget how they used to be, how civilized people act.”(Galloway,pg 77).Dragons landscape has influenced his fear of going out cause it wasn 't always
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