The Language Of English: English As An International Language

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English is an international language. It has become a part and parcel of our life. In every field of occupation, it is essential to have knowledge of communication skills. Every competitive exam too has English language as a part of their testing .Basically English language links us to the whole world. India is a developing country and moving towards maintaining relationship with foreign countries. We need some source of communication that is provided by English Language only. But we somehow lack good pronunciation. Good communication skills are not possible until and unless we have a command on pronunciation. It even enhances our personality. We all come across educational institutions and if this knowledge is made a part of our early education than we can come across all the problems. The young generation could be blessed with what is lacking in us. The secondary school education plays an important role in the life of a person. It is the stage when you can remember things at a good pace and with an everlasting memory. It is not that students should be overburdened with this single skill only but the basic part should be introduced at this stage that could be done with the knowledge of Phonetic Transcription and knowledge varieties of English language.

Secondary Education takes place after primary education, when the budding minds are brought on the track of learning and before higher education or vocational training, when one needs to set target for

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