The Laramie Project Analysis

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The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman is about a homosexual teenager is Wisconsin who was brutally murdered after a late night in a bar. This play makes a bold statement about how gays are treated in some in some communities and how it is a huge violation of basic human rights. Marge Murry states that "Even if they did, I’d just say no thank you. And that’s the attitude of most of the Laramie population. They might poke one, if they were in a bar situation, you know, they have been drinking, they might actually smack on in the mouth, but then they’d just walk away," (page ?!) while explaining what she thinks most of Laramies population’s outlook is on homosexuality from the local bartender point of view. This statement is highly contradictory, she is saying they would not do anything to hurt them other than politely decline, but they might also punch you in the face as a form of rejection as well. The Laramie Project is a play that does not function well as a play, it functions more as a short story. It lacks the basic element and structure of play while maintaining only a basic storyline.. The play The Lamarie Project began production on November 14, 1998 when members of the…show more content…
I think this function much better as a documentary, if all of the interviews had been recorded, or a short story that showed more of the connection between characters other than just that they are all residents of the same town. This play is easy for the reader to understand because it is written in modern day English; it is just difficult to keep up with the moments the play is broken down into. I do enjoy how it does show the prejudice of this small town and how it speaks out on how gays are treated and how it is a violation of basic human rights; I just think it would get the point across even better if it was written or produced in a different
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