The Laramie Project Character Analysis

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Moment Differences In the world, we as a race have struggled with accepting the differences between our fellow-men and whether we actually accept them or merely tolerate them.This can be shown around the world however through one unfortunate accident Laramie Wyoming is plum smack in the middle of this chaotic mess and it led to a more specific examination of what people really think. It shows that people can tolerate anything, but that doesn 't mean they accept it. It shows the preprogrammed attitudes towards something different. However, this also shows that most are not all bad merely victims of their location. Moment tolerance One of the main differences that The Laramie Project focuses on is the differences between toleration…show more content…
Some people think that acceptance already .“As far as the gay issue, I don’t give a damn one way or the other as long as they don’t bother me…… Laramie is live and lets live.” While this might work for the heterosexual community the homosexual community could not disagree more. 'Live and let live ' is, at best, a load of crap. It basically boils down to: 'If I don 't tell you I 'm a fag, you won 't beat the crap out of me '. What kind of philosophy is that? In the Laramie project, there is the difference between acceptance and tolerance is attention. If we give it attention then we tolerate it. It no longer becomes a thing that we notice it becomes accepted. However, some in a Laramie thought that this was exactly how it was that gays did have something to fear that there really was a problem and something like this needed to happen for us to deal with this “ I feel. Everyone needs to own it. We are like this. We ARE like this. WE are LIKE this.”But some think that Laramie is a god place that they wish they could go back but there is just too much attention ”And they get this starry-eyed look and I’m like: If that’s where you want to live, do it. I mean, imagine if more gay people stayed in small towns. But it’s easier said than…show more content…
Moment education On thing, I have to point out, however, is the book of matt also has a view on why this happened and while I think that the issue of tolerance and acceptance is a good subject.I think that the real problem is not Matthew Shepard it is the people themselves. They have this preordained idea that gays are bad and that because of this they have to fear them they can 't say why all they can say is that they don 't like it. It is kinda like the same reason that kids today have an immediate prejudice to germans because of what happened in the holocaust none of us have actually experienced it and very few of us have actually had anything to do with this event yet somehow we still have this connotation that Hitler is bad. This is because society has told us that Hitler is bad it doesn 't highlight the good he did or anything else other than Hitler bad man kills poor old jews.I find that this attitude while not entirely without reason exaggerates the qualities of both sides to the point. Kids today feel a hatred or sadness based on an event they might not know a dang thing about. But when they finally realize that the differences didn 't need to be so blown out of proportion the realize
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