The Large Bathers Analysis

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Unit 7 Written Assignment
Can Matisse’s Bonheur de Vivre and Picasso’s Les Demoiselle’s d’Avignon can considered inspired by Paul Cézanne’s, The Large Bathers?
To understand the relationship between the above works and Cezanne’s The Large Bathers it is important to understand the work which is deemed to be influential, whether it has been an inspiration or the source of the artist’s departure.

The Large Bathers is certainly an influence piece. What makes this piece of particular fascination is not the subject but the approach and style. This is not an image of privileged people at leisure being depicted in an image of beauty and glamor. Instead, the people featured are misshapen and distorted. This is a long departure
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Another feature of this painting is the use of outlines on the painting which clearly emphasizes this almost distorted vision of the human form (Harris & Zucker, n.d.).

Bonheir de Vivre, Henri Matisse
At first glance of this painting can certainly be viewed a complete departure from The Large Bathers. With its bright colorful joyful approach one could certainly conclude this is indeed a complete reaction against the previous painting.

The painting also certainly does depict a joyous almost indulgent way of life within equally exuberant garden backdrop. Certainly in this regard, the painting is certainly a direct departure from the sober tone quality of The Large Bathers.

But looking more closely at the form of this painting we can also see an influence also. We see also a somewhat exaggerated human, with a particular focus on the female form. There is a curved almost bulbous approach on the canvas. The figures in the background appearing almost silhouette like focusing on the form rather than details on the people (Harris & Zucker, n.d.).

Les Demoiselle’s
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The three paintings overall, have a significant part of play in the revolution of art. Making a statement, portraying emotions and looking life while at the same time challenging how art can be perceived.

When these paintings were exhibited for the first time, they must have been captivating, While at the same time as being an inspiration, the artists have also distanced themselves from this work. As discussed The Large Bathers is not a vivid image of beauty.

Upon looking at the Matisse’s Bonheur de Vivre we see that ultimate departure. My interpretation is of this painting is that it is certainly a contrast with bright colors while at the same time also having a somewhat distorted view of reality and of the human form. This painting was certainly significant in making a bold statement of the human form as well as of human existence being viewed as being leisurely and indulgent.

The second painting, could be seen as a departure, just as discussed taking the dehumanization to a different level. The distortion is far more angular and of course, as noted above, the background follows this distortion and further emphasizes this style of
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