The Last Book In The Universe Analysis

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"Ryter was this gummy that changed my life, and if you're reading this, maybe he changed the world, too" (Philbrick 8). In "The Last Book in the Universe," by Rodman Philbrick, Ryter is an old gummy who dreams of changing the world for the future. The strong character tries to change a significant problem in his society. The problem involves mind probes. He feels that it is bad for everyone who is using it because everyone is slowly losing memory due to the probes. Instead of reading, the members of the society prefer to escape reality through mind probes. He is determined to change this, as he is in the process of writing his novel. Finally, Ryter helps many people because of his outstanding traits, such as being knowledgeable and kind. Ryter is a brilliant person. He is the only person from his latch who has the ability to write and who still has a knowledge of great literature and…show more content…
He writes a book for the future hoping that reading will become popular again. He insists that he is writing for "those who will be alive at some future date." He believes that literature will come back and that "people will want to read books again, someday." He argues that it is important to preserve ideas and memories for what lies ahead. The book that he is writing is "The Last Book in the Universe." He thinks that someday that may change and, if it does, then people will want stories and will want to read again. To conclude, his consideration and determination show a lot about his overall character. In conclusion, Ryter has a heart so big it will not let him stop thinking he can change the world by writing things down in a book so people will have the resource to use in the future. In my opinion, he is determined to change the future generation. His novel represents literacy in an illiterate world; the way things used to be before the Big Shake. Ryter's intelligence and kindness lead him to compose a book and his desire to preserve the
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