The Last City Of America Summary

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The Last City Of America written by Matthew Tysz is a work of fiction in which a virus called Hephaestus has the ability to steal fertility from individuals, dooming the world. All American citizens and relocated to one of the seven cities of America: Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and last Chicago, a city cut off from the others, is home to the dying scientist that created the virus. Realising he failed to fully doom mankind he choses and aprentice, whom he belives will finish his work. However his apprentice does not show his master 's hatred to the world but he values knowledge, and would even kill innocents to get it. Off with the summary, the first thing to express is that the storyline is dificult to understand, because the book switches from character to character every chapter. When I read it at first I had just seen this book as a simple one, but as I continued reading I became amazed with the development of the characters, this book becoming one of my favourites from that point of view. The book 's theme is mystery often leaving the reader with unanswered questions, which will be revealed at the end of the book.…show more content…
As a piece of advice I suggest reading "The Seven Cities Of America" by Matthew Tysz as that story was originally meant to be the prologue. It is not however required to read "The Seven Cities Of America" to understand the storyline. In a conclusion The Last City Of America is a very enjoyable book to read, even with it ' flaws. I encourage every reader to acord a chance to this book because of reasons mentioned earlier. I rate this book 3 out of 4 because while it 's a good book, it has a non-linear storyline. With that being said, i hope that this book will receive more fans as it 's a very
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