The Last Dog Analysis

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In the short story, “The Last Dog” by Katherine Patterson a guy named Brock leaves the Dome. Brock is probably a teenager and he leaves the Dome to go and explore. The main thing I learned from this story is always try new things even if other people don’t agree. I enjoyed “The Last Dog” because I like how Brock saved the dog. I also liked it because I think I might have helped a dog if I was in that situation.

Brock went out to explore and he later came across a dog. At first he was nervous go near the dog but he did it. He was quick to help the dog when he learned it was okay. Brock then takes Brog back into the Dome, and everyone is very frightened. The scientists then take Brock and Brog and put them in a chamber and try to run an experiment. Brock bites Brog and then Brog bites him back. The scientists then freak out and throw them out, they leave and go to explore the earth outside the Dome.

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Brock also cared about Brog before really knowing her because he yelled “Don’t!” When she went to drink from the brook. After he got to know Brog he helped her by saying “Brog needs to rest,” So he clearly wanted her to be okay. The scientist also somewhat care about Brog and Brock because one said “Can you think of what chaos might ensue if a flood of primordial emotions were to surface in a controlled environment such as ours?” they wanted to not separate them. Those are a few quotes to show Brock cares about Brog.

I think the theme was good for the story. The author made it like you felt like Brock did. When she introduced Brog she did it in a good way instead of just throwing her in. She also made the scientist very convincing because they were all worried like real scientist would be if something like that happened. In conclusion I really thought the theme was good, and it made it a great
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