The Last Jedi Film Analysis

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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, came a film that broke the box office. Star Wars, created and directed by George Lucas, grossed 786.6 million dollars in 1977. (Box Office History of Star Wars Movies) Lucas crafted the franchise till 2005. Following, Luca’s retirement, Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise, starting a new chapter in the universe, with a multitude of different directors slotted for directing. Analyzing two scenes from The Last Jedi, a relationship between a master and an apprentice, and a battle in a throne room, how do these correlate with past films? Do new minds, create refreshing ideas? Master and apprentice dynamics are not foreign to the Star Wars sagas. In The Last Jedi, leads very subtle differentiation.…show more content…
The Vulture, a news organization that specializes in popular cultures, ranks the scene between Vader, Luke, and the Emperor in the top sixth and fifth spot, out of fifty, for all-time best Star Wars moments. (“The 50 Greatest Star Wars Moments, Ranked”) In a similar manner Times Magazine ranks this scene as twelfth spot out of forty. (“Star Wars: The 40 Best Moments”) The dynamic between the three characters, contrives a higher reception among viewers, compared to other scenes. To follow this up, on “Rotten Tomatoes”, a website that compiles critics reviews, they review the Return of the Jedi, with an 80% positivity, to follow the original saga (IV-VI) averaged an 89% positivity. To compare, the films following Return of the Jedi, the “prequels” (I-III), compiled together averaged a score of 67% positivity. (“Star Wars Saga”) To reflect upon these two score, it would be strategically smarter to follow a similar script to the older films, because they claim a much more higher score critically compared to the “prequels”. In addition, the high favorability of the scene, also creates a feeling of something that you’ve seen and loved
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