The Last Leaf Character Analysis

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The analysis of character is the important to writter. There are 3 character in this story. Johnsy is the main character of this story. Johnsy is the antagonist character that become the protagonist character at the last story. Johnsy has been exposed to pneumonia for several days. She is always haunted by pessimistic thinking. She changed to be optimist that because the last leaf which painted by Mr.Berhman. And then, Sue is the lovely friend of Johnsy is the protagonist character in this story. She always supprot johnsy to change her mind. She the one and the only friend that johnsy have. The last is Mr. Behrman. He was frustated painter who lived on the ground floor beneath Sue and Johnsy. Behrman was a man who wanted to draw some picture but he never success with his draws. He is a aggresive person but very soft inside. He help Sue to brings Johnsy’s optimist back, even though life was at…show more content…
He had always longed to paint a masterpiece. He was not a successful painter but earned some money by serving as a model to some young artists. Sue told him about the illness of Johnsy and that she was waiting for death. On the request of Sue, Behrman painted a beautiful picture on ivy vine with its last leaf. He placed the painting at the same place where the last leaf had fallen. Johnsy kept on looking on it. Then thought that something had made that last leaf stay there to show how wicked she was. She confesses after realizing her silly morbid notion: "I've been a bad girl, Sudie," said Johnsy. "Something has made that last leaf stay there to show me how wicked I was. It is a sin to want to die. The last leaf on the ivy wine brings a positive effect on the mind of Johnsy. It also gives her a new hope for life and her art. Once again she comes back to her earlier life of an artist and her obsession of creating a master piece of art. She says to Sue “Sudie, someday I hope to paint the bay of
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