The Last Lecture Analysis

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Experiencing Life: One Lesson at a Time

In “The Last Lecture,” Randy Pausch discusses what matters to him most. This book ruminates on life lessons that he desires to be remembered by. This biography makes me ponder about what I would want my legacy to be, and even ponder about how others would remember me. When I retrospect on my life in my final moments, like Randy, hopefully it will be mostly positive. As of now, my life lessons always have morals with it that explains who I am and how I would like to be remembered.
When I was in elementary school, I would always sing the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, and I still live my life that way now. My mother always said to me, “If you don’t like someone, still respect them until
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I try to live with the thought that “Kindness is Key,” but sometimes I fail. A fantastic example of this is when I am at work and I do not handle a situation correctly. I am an employee at a local grocery store and I try the best I can to be kind to disrespectful customers. Some customers come up to the register irritated because they cannot find what they need. I tell them we do not carry the item or the item is out of stock. They imply that it is my fault that they cannot purchase the product, when really I am just the bearer of unwanted news. I want to say, “I don’t make the orders every week, go to Walmart or something.” Instead, I continue to be polite and if the problem continues, I call up my manager and they can discuss the problem with the customer. When I am angry, instead of being impolite and unkind, I choose to kill them with kindness, which is the best way to handle any situation. When I am kind, I am…show more content…
It is a song that encourages someone to just be happy, and not to worry about instances that are not worth your time. If I have a project due, I do not fret about it; instead, I stay positive and complete it. If I worry, I will not get the assignment done, or it will be a failing one. A happy person creates worthy and joyful outcomes. Another example of choosing happiness is when someone tries to bring another down, don’t let it happen. Mean people of jealous of others with happy thoughts. When I received my car on my 16th birthday, I was overjoyed. Most were happy for me, but some tried to be mean with statements like, “Rich Kid” and “Mommy’s and Daddy’s money.” Words do hurt, but I decided to stay content and not worry about other’s opinions, and it is the best decision that someone can make. Choosing happiness is a decision that can always be made, and it always should.
To conclude, I hope to always be remembered in a positive way. When I cease to exist on this earth, I hope people will remember my morals, and life lessons to go with it. Respect, kindness, and happiness are my morals, and I have many life lessons to support it. When I perish, I hope I am remembered on these
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