The Last Night Of Ballyhoo Analysis

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In "The Last Night of Ballyhoo", is an outstanding play written, by Alfred Uhry, around the 1996 and premiering in Olympic Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Ballyhoo's living room is big part of the playwright and the play setting was created to give a visual for the audience. The scene that where held in a small play setting that allow the audience to get more of an intimate experience of the play. The actors did a phenomenal job bringing their character to life. The play scenes where very minimalistic which help the actors with their scene transitions go more smoothly and keep the audience engaged. This paper will be a critique of the "The Last Night of Ballyhoo" directed by Carolyn Houston Boone.

Alfred Uhry wrote "The Last Night of Ballyhoo"
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From the beginning of the play you see Lala and her mother Boo having a discussion of Ballyhoo and who was going to take her to the dance. Boo was pressuring Lala to call a boy that lives in Lake Charles, so he would ask her to the dance. It was important for Boo that her daughter had date to the dance because she was not as popular as the other girls her age, and she was hoping that if a Peachy took her to the dance it would change Lala's reputation and become popular. I do not completely agree with this kind of social standing, but Lala's mother actions where coming from a place a love and she did not want her daughter to end up alone. The second theme was about anti-Semitism, the actors had very light conversion about the subject, but it seem that was something that they did not want to be part of or even talk about. For example, on the night of I do not agree with this because they you treat each other equally no matter what side they are born from.

Furthermore, The Quintero Theater is a 50'x 50' black box theatre with re-configurable seating risers and 185 seats. It was a small set that had living room/ dining room area. The set was simple, and it had a lot old fashion furniture that you don't see that much unless you have grandparent that still have old style furniture. The theater was small and minimalistic and help the audience feel closer the
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