The Last Night Sebastien Faulks Analysis

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Sebastien Faulks has written many novels, including one of the latest James Bond books. This novel is set in a completely different place and time, the second world and for this extract there is no hero in the transit camp near Paris, Sebastien shows the French as co-operators and in a bad way since he displays the French gendarmes as helpers in the transportation of the deportees and equally holds the French people responsible when he says that the “trembling bus” drives past the café where the French sit as thought nothing is wrong. The last night by Sebastien Faulks is a small extract of the book Charlotte Gray which tells the story, based on true events, of a woman who becomes a spy for the British fanny regiment, she decided to become a spy to try and find her boyfriend, a pilot who went down over France.…show more content…
Penitentiary and military language is seen in words such as ‘’barracks’’ and ‘’search’’ to portray the poor Jewish folk as prisoners of war, prisoners of a crime that they have not committed, and words such as survived don’t offer much hope for the imagination of the reader either, the situation is very grim. These passages indicate a very military and war like setting displayed firmly by the two authors as they have both experienced war. In the last night a sensation of fear is explored by the author in personifications such as ‘’trembling bus” for we all know that buses don’t tremble and that if anything they rattle but no, the author chose tremble to personify the bus and to display the true emotions of all the deportees on board… In conclusion I would say that both of these tragic texts, thought set in the nineteen forties are almost comparable to today with refugee’s leaving places such as Iran and religious massacres taking place in Gaza. The authors of these text do an excellent job of evoquing just how horrible it must have been for German Jews during the Nazi
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