The Last Ride Chapter 1 Summary

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Last Ride In chapter one a teenager named Tom lost a friend named Logan in a car crash that he dared him to do. Tom used to love sitting behind the wheel and watching the blur as he flys by things, but now he can barely go over 30 mph. He was test driving a car for a guy named Ray when two guys pulled up next to him and revved their engine trying to get him to race. He ignored them until the light turned green and then he went. He claims he sees Logan and stops. In chapter 2: In chapter 2 Tom has to pay him $5,000 in a week or give Ray his car. Tom still wants to pay his mom for the medical bills. Ray told him there was 2 other ways to get it then. Either $10,000 in business or Tom has to race. In chapter 3: In this chapter Tom went to a party to try to get the $10,000 in business. He found out there is…show more content…
He gave him crap about going, but not racing. Also near the end of the chapter Tom sees Amy, Logan's little sister, and he almost started to cry; he made sure she didn't see him. Chapter 7: In this chapter Tom had a nightmare that Logan was choking him and Drew and his other buddies didn't see or hear him because he couldn't yell. Tom went to try and find all his friends and when he did he told them how much money he needed and why. They all said they would try as best they can to help. In chapter 8 Hannah asks Tom to go to Logan's party, that his little sister is having for him because he would have turned 18. After class Lansky his teacher gave him some papers for technical colleges and told him where he could go to be an apprentice. At the end of this chapter in is Thursday and he still has about $4,000 left to pay Ray and he doesn't know what to do. During chapter 9 Tom can race and get an extra month to pay his car payment, but when he gets home he finds out if his mom doesn't get $5000 by the end of the December she will have to sell the house. Tom said, "I can't let that happen. I
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