The Last True Story I Ll Ever Tell Literary Analysis

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Learning and Impressions. Throughout my research and interviews for this paper I have learned so much. I never understood the history of PTSD and how it became a part of the DSM V. It scares me a bit that it wasn’t a diagnosis is written off as a norm until the 80’s. When reading about PTSD in The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell by John Crawford, I learned that sometimes you couldn’t trust everything being told to you from someone who just left a war zone. The novel takes place when a veteran returns home after being deployed in Iraq. We spend most of the novel following John around after returning home from combat. The reader starts to believe that John is completely fine and he is living a happy life. The novel takes a turn however, when John is asked to tell a war story. He shares with his friends about a violent act he had to perform while in the war zone. The…show more content…
They return home still mentally fighting the war they are returning from. When a veterans returns home they need to reintegrate them back into civilian life, and Kyle recognized the difficulty of this, and wanted to do something to help them. He would take returning wounded warriors and veterans to the shooting ranges to help them to feel normalized being back in civilian life. He made them feel they were still apart of a team and that they were not alone. This however is what led the death of Kyle he was shot at the shooting range attempting to help a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD. Kyle’s work focused around the idea of maintaining family relationships, especially in the difficult time of PTSD. His wife and children, who are currently running the FROG foundation, which carries on Kyle’s mission of helping veterans navigate their civilian life, and carry on Kyle’s
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