The Last Wilderness Preserve And A New Land Of Opportunity

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“The Last Wilderness Preserve” and “A New Land Of Opportunity” present different arguments about the impact they believe human behavior may have on Antarctica. Due to these arguments both authors have a different conclusion on how Antarctica should be treated by people. The argument that is stronger based on relevant facts and specific details would have to be “A New Land of Opportunity” by Michael Serillo. Antarctica has many resources that can be beneficial to us, so why not take advantage of them? To begin in “The Last Wilderness Preserve” the author’s argument is that humans should not be able to explore Antarctica. This is because every where humans go something bad happens, for example, Global Warming that is caused by pollution,…show more content…
Evidence to support is“Like all continents, Antarctica has a wide variety of resources. Although most of the continent is covered in sheets of ice, the ground below the ice contains large amounts of useful minerals such as coal, iron, and copper, and precious metals such as gold and platinum. Who knows what other materials are yet to be discovered?”.This evidence is from “Article two Paragraph two”This explains that Antarctica has a lot of resources that be beneficial to our race. Therefor with this being said the author would like for the treaty to be disassembled so people have access to the beautiful land and its Resources. Based on this evidence I can infer that if the The treaty was disassembled the discoveries made in Antarctica would more than likely assists scientists in finding new ways to preserve Antarctica’s Ice while still having people explore the continent. Another piece of evidence that I can use to support my argument is “In addition, the seas around the continent teem with useful and valuable ocean life, including fsh, crab, whales, and seals. Our planet has a limited supply of natural resources, so humans need to take advantage of all possible sources.”This is from Article 2 paragraph 3. This is showing that the natural resources or resources in Antarctica could somehow be beneficial to our race in future years to come. I can
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