The Latanya Rape Case

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Jeremiahs ' mother deceased and was cared for by his grandmother who is now deceased. The court gave custody to the aunt (Latanya), but she has not been living in the home. Latanya lives in Jackson, MS, with her boyfriend, and is employed in Vicksburg, MS. Latanya would visit the home in Vicksburg daily. Jeremiah is being whooped by the other aunt (LaShonda) with an extension cord and anything else. The last time the reporter knows of an incident to occur was a couple a weeks ago, and he did not know of any marks/bruises. That incident occurred when LaShonda 's daughter lied on Jeremiah. Jeremiah sleeps on the floor or the couch. The home is not cleaned and has a lot of rats. A month ago, the reporter killed a snake in Latanya 's room. When
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