Essay On Climate Change Of Earth

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In the present era, the climate change is so rapid that we cannot deny the importance of its projection in policy making, management of resources and technological advancement. The information that is required for climate change and variability will help to predict the latent impacts of climate change on different resources like the water resources, agricultural land, energy, ecosystem and many other private sectors. The rate of climate change now is many times faster than past few years and the ecosystem of the Earth can hardly adjust. Stanford University has given a report on climate change that:
“The changes that are coming in the environment are at a pace which is faster than anything that is observed in the past 65 million years.”
Different scientists and climate change researchers say:
“If the greenhouse gas emission is not reversed and the Earth stays on the same pace of changing climate then
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The increase in Earth’s temperature is causing the glaciers to melt and there is an expansion of warmer seawater. Due to the melting of glaciers, the sea level in the 20th century has risen about 16cms higher. Scientists predict that in the 21st century it might rise up to 59cms which might become a threat to marine communities.
2. The warmer temperature of the Earth has caused heavy rain falls in many areas causing floods in parts of the Earth. And if the global warming does not stop, many parts of the Earth will be see floods.
3. Due to Global warming, the temperature of the summer season will continue to rise rapidly. Moreover there will be decreased moisture in the soil, which will cause heat waves to generate. And it is expected that extreme heat-days will occur in every two to three years which will spread over the entire world.
4. One more report suggests that the Arctic Ocean will become ice-free in mid of century.
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