The Latin Deli, And Two Ways To Belong In America

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In “Let America be America again,” “The Latin Deli,” and “Two ways to Belong in America” America has been proven that it is only free for some but not for all. In these stories, they insist that that America has only been free and equal towards its American born citizens. They explain how most of the immigrants have been discriminated against and treated poorly. Most of them tell how they have been forced to make their own communities because of how they have been treated. The immigrants have all been discriminated against and are not free unlike American born citizens. In “Let America be America again,” Hughes argues that “America was never America to him.” This quote means that America was supposed to be a great and amazing place but it never lived up to what it was supposed to be. He also exclaims how America was supposed to be a great dream but it was not a dream at all to him. He also argues about how it is not just the immigrants that are being discriminated against, but also anyone that is not rich. He talks about how it was supposed to have complete equality but, there was no freedom or equality, it was not the dream it was dreamt to be. That is how Hughes explains that America is not free and…show more content…
It also tells how some immigrants feel that they can become part of the community that America has to offer. Mukherjee also explains that her sister Mira felt betrayed by America because they changed the rules curtailing benefits of legal immigrants, which means that they took away most of her work. Those are the two main reasons of how this story by Mukherjee explains that America is free for some but not for
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