The Latino Culture

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Throughout American history, minorities aimed to prove to white Americans that they were deserving of the American dream the Constitution promised. Today, American minorities still feel the struggle of following American norms and preserving their inner identity. A major issue the United States has been facing since its existence is the alienation of their minorities. This country is praised as a melting pot where different people unite to create the American lifestyle. Americans take pride of the various subcultures that transform into the diverse American culture. Diversity is the beauty of America, people from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures coexist peacefully and eventually meld into an almost homogeneous society. But…show more content…
According to the 2000 Census, 1 of 8 people identified themselves as Latino, constituting to 281.4 million people (Chapa 4). Due to the mass migration of Latin Americans, the population spread rapidly. With this chain migration, Latino culture has been blended with other cultures, including American culture. Tacos, empanadas, and tamales are some of the most popular foods today, and are often mixed with another cuisine. The influx of so many Latinos has brought backlash from conservative Americans because there has been multiple crimes conducted by illegal immigrants. Because of the stereotypes, Hispanics and even those who look Hispanic can face prejudice through names and actions. Latinos of another country can be stereotyped as being Mexican in Southern California because of the large population. Even though Latino cultures share some of the same customs, they are all very different (Chapa 6). Latino countries all celebrate a girl 's quinceanera but not all of them celebrate the Day of the Dead. There are different customs, traditions, and artifacts in each country and should not all be classified as one culture. There are also subcultures within each country, such as the Zapotecs in Mexico. All these subgroups have come to America to catch the American dream and have different backgrounds. They should be respected for their values.Hispanic culture as a whole does have some traditions they share. The family as a unit is very important since it provides training for the outside world, warmth, and culture (Chapa 3). The family is a promise they will stick together no matter
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