The Laura Line Analysis

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What do courage, honesty, and standing up for yourself mean to you? In this essay, I will be writing about a book title, The Laura Line, by Crystal Allen. This book is about a thirteen-year-old girl named Laura Eboni Dyson, who goes through bullying in her school for being overweight. Through all these difficulties, something good comes out of it. In the following paragraphs, I will demonstrate how Laura learns to stay true to herself. One of the main reasons of how Laura learns to stay true to herself is through self-acceptance and by not letting her enemies in school win over her. Laura 's worst enemy is the boastful Sunny Rasmussen, the most popular girl in her school. She calls Laura “Fat Larda.” (p.2) Laura 's grandmother, who is also named Laura, encouraged her to not feel ashamed of herself and to be confident. She said, “It 's time to be proud of who you are.” (p.95) This quote means that…show more content…
Another example that Laura learns to stay true to herself is through the support of her best and only friend, Sage. She is overweight like Laura and, because of that, they are best friends. They expressed their support of each other, saying, “I 'll always have your back.” (p.7) I have had similar experiences like Laura when I was in six grade. I was made fun of by certain people in art class. But with the help and support of my teachers and friends, I finally ended the bullying. The last example that Laura learns to stay true to herself is from her inspiration of her ancestors from the Laura Line. “It 's proof I 'm not fat Larda but Laura, a descendant of the amazing Laura Line.” (p.287) The Laura Line is a family monument of the strong women in her family, all named Laura, and made a big difference in a positive effect in their community. An example is that they each did something amazing. They each had different jobs, but they all had three things in common. They were all fat, they all accepted their first name (Laura), and they did not care about what anyone else
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