The Law Of Hospitality Or Xenia In Homer's Odyssey

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The Law of Hospitality or Xenia is a law/belief in Homer’s Odyssey. Xenia, says that all guests that show to your home or lands must be treated kindly, with respect and cared for before one may ask questions about them. This is because they may or may not be a god in disguise, and all gods should be treated kindly. In the Odyssey, King Alcinous of the Phaeacians treats Odysseus kindly when he is found on his island. King Alcinous’s daughter, found Odysseus sleeping by the shore after his raft had broken. They quickly took him in, bathed, clothed and fed Odysseus before asking him who he was and what he was doing. King Alcinous held up Xenia or the Law of Hospitality by treating Odysseus kindly before asking him anything. On the contrary, Poseidon’s
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