Essay On The Gospel Of Luther

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Law and Gospel:
Luther looked at the law of the Old Testament, particularly the Law of Moses and the gospel as different. He said that the gospel replaces the law. Therefore, he saw a sharp gap between the way God dealt with people in the Old Testament and the way God deals with people today.
He identified the purposes of the law as civil and theological. God provided the Law of Moses to establish civil regulations and to lead people to the truth of justification by faith in Christ.
He acknowledged that the moral law contained in both testaments shows a justified person how he is supposed to live in order to please God. He stated that the moral guidance of the law is helpful, but it is not of the essence of salvation or the gospel.
Luther taught that all humans are sinners from birth. They
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The sinful nature means that we are inclined to do evil and in fact bound to do evil. Humanity cannot even desire to do well. The only way for someone to desire God is for God’s grace to work in him first.
Luther’s doctrine of humanity leads to the doctrine of individual predestination that is the unconditional election. The theological concept of predestination involves election to salvation and reprobation to eternal condemnation. Luther taught the necessity of the doctrine of predestination, basing it on man’s depravity and inability.
Luther was driven to this position by his desire to secure his doctrine of justification by faith against any possibility of compromise. He concluded that if a person could use his will to choose God, then he would be cooperating with God in salvation, and that would mean justification by works.
He taught that God sends grace to the individuals he has chosen, changes their will, and gives them faith. Then they are justified by the faith that God has given them. They cannot resist this choice. It is purely by the grace of God with no human effort at
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