The Layers Poem Summary

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The Lives of Many in One Body

The poem “The Layers” by Stanley Kunitz, addresses an issue that we all face once and awhile. I believe he tried to convey the issue of looking back into our past and contemplating the mistakes, the could be’s, and the successes and learn how to take away from these experiences. You should reflect upon the uncertainties of the past in which you may improve upon yourself so that you can successfully keep moving forward.
The act of “[walking] through many lives, some of them my own and I am not who I was” (Kunitz line 1-3) is something we have all been through. I technically am still the same man as I was several years ago, but surely I am not the same man in terms of experience and knowledge. Which is what I believe
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Whether they are the loss of family, items, or achievements. It is an inevitable process to lose, and the word “feast” is quite the suitable word since most of us go through an abundant amount of it.
However, despite the enormous amount of unfortunate events his “will [was] intact to go where ever [he] needed to go.” (Kunitz line 28-29) showing us a way to deal with such past events. No matter what happened, he continued along his road, stating “every road precious to me” (Kunitz line 30-31). It is precious to take every adventure because from it you can extract new experiences.
It is especially important to “Live in the layers, not on the litter.” (Kunitz line 37-38) as a mysterious nimbus-clouded voice told him. Basically a giant presence within the sky, showing authority, and telling him to live within the veins that are the exploration of life, and not to be distracted away from the deep meaningful matters that are at hand or are to be. In the end, his final statement is “I am not done with my changes” acknowledging that there is more to change ahead, and maybe even embracing the idea of
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