The Leadership In Thomas Jefferson's Declaration Of Independence

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By Carson Dvorak

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” Thomas Jefferson said that because he believed all men were created equal. He lived in a time when all men were not free, but some enslaved by their masters. Jefferson believed the master was equal to the slave. Jefferson was a leader that did many things to help the Colonies, like write the Declaration of Independence. He was arguably the most important founding father. Jefferson was a very quiet man, and he was very smart as Kathy Wilmore said. Jefferson helped the Colonies gain their independence from Britain. Jefferson showed intellect and leadership.

Thomas Jefferson lead by example by writing the Declaration of Independence. He was a quiet man but he still was an amazing leader(Thomas Jefferson: The Declaration of Independence). Thomas Jefferson was chosen by the Continental Congress to write the Declaration. He used others ideas and used ideas the people wanted(Thomas Jefferson: The Declaration of Independence). He used other writings like Common Sense by Thomas Paine. He also used his own writings. Jefferson was more than qualified to write the Declaration(Thomas Jefferson: Indispensable Leader). He went above and beyond, by not writing what he wanted but what the people wanted.
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He avoided many disasters( Presidential Key Events). During Jefferson’s presidency many things were accomplished like the Louisiana purchase, lowering the national debt, and stopping slave trading. Thomas Jefferson was truly an amazing person. Without his contributions, America would not be what it is today. He showed intellect and leadership in his political and everyday life. He changed America by writing the Declaration of Independence and acquiring the gigantic Louisiana Purchase. He believed all men were created equal. He was a amazing man, that did many great things to help
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