The Leadership Of Odysseus In The Odyssey

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Success is not a destination but a journey. However, the journey can be different for different people. For a man named Odysseus from the book, The Odyssey written by Homer, his journey lasts for ten years. In the beginning, Odysseus and his crew discover an island when they are traveling back after the Trojan war. With limited food and water supply, they start a search on the island. Instead, they encounter the Cyclops whose name Polyphemus. Initially, the Cyclops pretends to be hospitable, but later he becomes more hostile and eats two of Odysseus’ crew. Odysseus uses his cleverness and demonstrate perfect examples of Habits of Mind. He has shown a great leadership skill by evaluating all circumstances that he can find solutions, can think flexible and critical, and have courage to take risks to accomplish his goal. Odysseus and his crew finally escape from the Cyclops.
Being a leader is difficult, but Odysseus has shown great leadership skills. He is not just only leading his crew for ten years while being stranded on the island. He also uses his clever ideas to hide and escape from the Cyclops. When Odysseus and his men are trapped inside the Cyclops’ cave, he “slung a man under each middle [sheep] to ride there safely.” (Homer 9. 339-340) Staying
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While they are inside the cave with the Cyclops, Odysseus has evaluated every possible ways to kill the Cyclops. He thinks that only way to kill Cyclops is when he falls asleep. Even when Odysseus has the chance to kill him., but he does not kill him. He realizes that, “If I killed him we perished there as well.” (Homer 9. 207-208) He understands if they kill the Cyclops, the entire crew will die. The Cyclops is the only one who is strong enough to carry the rock and lead them to escape from his cave. By not killing the Cyclops, Odysseus saves his whole group of men from death and simply practicing habits of
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