The Leading Cause Of Teen Suicide

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Teen Suicide is a leading cause for the loss of young lives. There may be many reasons to why a teen would take their own life, but sometimes people are too imperceptive to notice if someone is going through hard times. If people would open their eyes and see who and why teens are committing suicide, it might help lower the suicide count. Suicide is known as the intention of taking one’s own life. The importance of teen suicide varies widely. Suicide is the third leading cause of deaths for teens between 11 and 18 years old, according to the American Psychiatric Association (“Teen Suicide” Gale). There is not a certain age in which teen suicide occurs, it is more of an age group. That particular age group ranges from 11-12 years old, to 18-20…show more content…
One cause to why teens take their own lives is because they are being bullied. Research links bullying to teen suicides and makes it a factor of why suicide among teens occurs (“Bullying and Suicide” Gale). Many teens might feel isolated and alone and with no help. The reason bullying and suicide were linked was because of the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. The shooters were two teens that executed and wounded people in the school. The cause for why the two teens did this was because they had felt bullied by their peers. As a result of all of this, the two teens took their own lives (“Bullying and Suicide” Gale). Teens who have experienced violence, sexual abuse/assault and bullying have a greater risk of considering suicide as a way to escape (“Bullying and Suicide” Gale). That is why sexual assault and abuse are reasons for teen suicide and why it happens. Sexual assault is 3.4 times more likely to happen and sexual abuse is 4.4 times more likely (“Bullying and Suicide” Gale). Lastly, another cause of the many causes for teen suicide is PCS. PCS stands for Post-Concussion Syndrome. PCS is also linked with depression and both can cause teen suicide. To explain thoroughly, PCS is an injury to the brain that is usually caused by a blow or an injury that causes the brain to shake inside the skull (“Teen Suicide” Gale). The teens who are usually affected by PCS are sport players. Most likely football players. The reason why is because it is easier for them to get PCS by tackling other players and their helmets hitting their head really hard. The reason why PCS leads to suicide is because the teen’s mental state is confused and anxiety can lead to depression which will most likely leads to suicide. Austin Trenum, was a linebacker and fullback on his High School football team. Austin would injure himself lots of times. As a result, after every game, Austin would
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