The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Analysis

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen counts among the most noteworthy comic books that are retailing in the United States and Europe. It was written by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil, with America’s Best Comics being the publishers within the American Shores. In Britain, the comic book is published by Vertigo. The story is set in the year 1898. It takes place in a fictional world during the Victorian times. It is important to note that some of the characters and plot of the story borrow from works by other noteworthy authors, including R. L. Stevenson, Sir A. C. Doyle, Jules Verne and many more. It is important to note, that the adaptation of this series for film happened in the year 2003. This move elicited extensive reaction from the original…show more content…
This is because it succeeds in amalgamating the erstwhile and present day perceptions of life and communal affairs. This is best evidenced by the fact that while most of his characters are fashioned from the Victorian times, they are fashioned together in the manner of a super-team. The story is developed on the backdrop of ensuring the fate of the British Empire remains unchanged (Habibzadeh & Marcovitch 3). The movie version offers extensive misrepresentation of the contents that exist in the comic version. For example, the comic does not feature drag racing or any other form of motor vehicle competition by the different characters. Similarly, the comic book does not have vampire gals as part of the storyline. It only contains an exploration of the life in Victoriana. This was a mythical planet earth, where all forms of fiction were considered as the truth and characters had the ability to intersect indiscriminately. This meant that they had the ability to team up with a view of undermining all reprehensible schemes unbelievable techniques. The series contains more violence than any of the novels that were published during the time (Moore & O 'Neill 2). It also features more literature than is actually highlighted in the corresponding Hollywood

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