The Legacy Of Orsell's War

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Orsell would be officially transferred to the 140th New York in October of 1864 and received a promotion to Quartermaster Sergeant. During this time his letters stay in positive tone talking about his new life in the 140th New York. He did not travel much stating in a letter on December 14, 1864, that they have set up camp for the winter and is building his tent. He also wrote to Olivia that he had been sending letters to his friends in 44th New York and was staying in contact with them. This continued until June 3, 1865 when he was transferred to the 5th Veterans Infantry where he would stay until he was mustered out of service on August 21, 1865 ending his military service. When looking at Orsell years of service compared to the ideas of Wongsrichanalai and McPherson he shows that historians did not look into the emotional ties that soldiers had to one another and how that could affect their motives.…show more content…
They professed to feel betrayed. They were willing to risk their lives for the Union, they said, but not for black freedom.” They believed in the “legacy if 1776”, but that legacy was a white legacy and as soon as that image was broken, it broke their will to
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