The Legal Age: Lowering The Drinking Age

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The use of alcohol is very controversial to all people especially to adults and young adults. Some adults feel that young adults are going to get alcohol poisoned or get abused by others. Young adults feel that lowering the legal age for drinking would be beneficial to their life and health. The legal age should stay the same because people’s health will be affected, crime and violence will increase, and people’s social lives will be affected. Many organs can be damaged by alcohol and this can lead many problem in the future. Crime and violence are run by alcohol due to the fact that people have no sense of reality going through their brain when intoxicated. People get isolated because they are not do the other kids of their age do Alcohol is a big problem in society and it needs to be stopped or many people will lose their lives and others will suffer if the legal drinking age is lowered. Alcohol with a legal age started in 1933 when the 21st amendment was passed repealing the prohibition on alcohol that was on alcohol for a long time. At first the age was 21 but then people shifted their ideals and the government wanted to change the drinking age to 18 because they believed that if people are able to vote at 18 then they should be able to consume alcohol at this age, too. After this occurred the sale and consumption rose but so did accidents with alcohol. So, some states refused to change the drinking age to 21 because they feared that problems would increase.
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