The Legalization Of Prostitution In Canada

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The infectious disease of prostitution that has poisoned the population of sex workers can only be alleviated through the criminalization of its nature. The idea that prostitution is merely the exchange of sexual services for money is what buries the reality of sexual violence deep into the ground. Often, sex workers will be coerced to surrender their power to the hands of their client. In Canada, sex workers are stalked as prey by the treacherous monster of sexual abuse. They are enslaved into a sexual commodity and are stripped of their basic human rights. In an international study done by clinical psychologist, Dr. Melissa Farley, it was concluded that, of all of the Canadian women participants, 75% were injured during their work of prostitution…show more content…
Ideally, if prostitution could be brought above ground where it could be practiced safely, then it would beneficial for sex workers. However, this assertion fails to realize that the unruly nature of prostitution cannot be contained through legislation. In the Australian state of Victoria, where legalization has occurred, there was a 300% increase in illegal brothels outnumbering the number of legal brothels in a ratio of 4 to 1 (“Pros, cons of prostitution ruling”). Yet, advocates of the sex industry promote the view that indoor prostitution remains a protected environment for sex workers. In a study of women in Victoria brothels, it was found that despite legality, physical safety was one of the women’s biggest concerns (“Brothel safety a dangerous myth”). Research suggests that indoor workers may be more exposed to rape or attempted rape because their work occurs behind the closed doors of a brothel (“Brothel safety a dangerous myth”). The concealed walls of the brothel will only silence the screams of victims. As seen through the state of Victoria, it is naive to believe that the light of legalization will dissipate the roots of sexual abuse against sex workers. The only way to demolish this pattern of violence against sex workers is by making prostitution illegal in…show more content…
The entrenched Constitution outlines the rules and the principles that govern the nation. The government has the responsibility to resonate the empowering voice of the nation and to protect an individual’s right to security by criminalizing the act of prostitution. In addition, the tainted world of prostitution welcomes the atrocities of sex trafficking and organized crime that pierce through the heart of this nation. Moreover, the vicious acts of violence and the elevated spread of incurable sexual diseases have left an agonizing wound on sex workers. This deep cut can only be healed through the criminalization of prostitution in Canada. Although there may be some that oppose the prohibition of prostitution, the violent world of prostitution can never be tamed, only destroyed. Undoubtedly, at the end of the game, the pawn will return with a new life, but on a different

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