Why We Should Legalize Prostitution

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The legalization of prostitution will decrease crime, improve public health meaning that all the men and women involved in prostitution will have regular check-ups at the local hospitals, increase tax revenue and assist those who are suffering from poverty and this will get the prostitutes off the streets, allowing adults to make their own choices. In the 22 countries where prostitution is legal, these countries including Ethiopia, contend that prostitution is a victimless crime.
According to the Daily Beast, a prostitute has 45% to a 75% chance of experiencing violence at their work place at some point. Worker safety, along with the high concerns of exploitation and objectification, are behind much of the continued support for keeping prostitution illegal. There has been a new development or rather a movement to challenge the prohibition or rather to incorporate what we already know about the black market into the thinking about prostitutions and their rights. Like the drug trade, violence is associated with prostitution by its illegality. Most violent people prey on sex workers because they know they will not report the incident to the police. A study in South Africa estimates that 30% of the sex workers are abused by the police.
The World Health Organization recommend that countries decriminalize prostitution. According to The
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The International Union of Sex Workers believe that sex workers should be given the same rights as normal average workers. It also lowers the rates of infectious diseases. Prostitution empowers women and sex is a choice. The decriminalization of prostitution will reduce violence and will actually make them safe. They would have easier access to health services, they will receive pension ect. With the prostitutes working in flats or private areas, children won’t be exposed to prostitutes hanging around the
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