The Legend Of Gilgamesh: An Archetype Journey

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Have you ever thought how stories are formed?, it's all because of Archetypes. An Archetype Journey is an original of something, which has been imitated. An Archetype Journey is important in literature because many stories follow this type of order. A Lot of stories are developed based off stories that have been invented earlier. For example, the tale of Gilgamesh is an Archetype Journey. The Legend of Gilgamesh is an Archetype Journey because it was created in Ancient Mesopotamia. Which makes it one of the earliest form of literature. It was written on twelve stone tablets, which shows how ancient it really is, considering mesopotamians did not have paper. The Story of Gilgamesh is an Archetype because all of the various adventures form an organic whole, the events relate to…show more content…
We must prove Ourselves more powerful than he.” According to the quote when Enkidu arrived in the town it had a meaning, it was so they can join forces in order to develop and integrate the central theme; to prove Gilgamesh is greater than everyone else. Likewise, the story of Gilgamesh is Archetype because it all comes back to the central theme. An Additional example of why The Legend of Gilgamesh is an Archetype is the sequence of stages in a Hero's Journey in the story. Firstly Gilgamesh thrives to go on an adventure to fight Humbaba. He is a little reluctant after he developed a vision of Humbaba’s watchmen. Tablet V pg.14 the story proclaims “ After three days they reached the edge Of the forest where Humbaba’s watchmen stood. Suddenly it was Gilgamesh who was afraid”. This shows the first stage: Departure. Secondly, the story shows Initiation when Gilgamesh experiences fear. Not to mention, The Road of Trials, when Gilgamesh is given aid from the supernatural in tablet V, pg.20 it reads “Enlil said I must die, for you are two thirds god And should not die.” Gilgamesh was saved from death because of the gods, as a result of him being a
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