'The Legend Of Jeanine's Dreams'

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Jeanine is from the year 1613 in Germany. The yellow marking at her ‘third eye’ denotes her psychic abilities, which explains why the words, ‘Jeanine’s Dreams’ are representative of her life. During the German 30 year war Jeanine would travel from camp to camp delivering messages to the soldiers to aid in their battle strategy; or to share information about their families back home. In addition, there is an image of a horse emerging from the left side of Jeanine’s head with the word ‘Faith.’ J. Lee Hall explained, “The horse is symbolic of a natural gift. Let’s say there is someone who likes to sing. When they sing, they sound okay. Then there is another who wants to sing, so they take singing lessons and when they sing, they sound pretty good. And then, there is a third who loves to sing and when they sing, they have the voice of angels; without ever having a lesson or voice training. That is the energy of the horse!” The horse represents her psychic gifts.…show more content…
He was a poor man who made his meek living as a magician, the yellow symbol at his third eye again symbolizing his psychic abilities. Although he was poor, he was very happy and always smiling. He did not want for material wealth and was content with what he had in life.

Mechia is dated 339 BC. Mechia was one of the lovers of Alexander the Great. Upon his untimely death in the year of 323 BC, Mechia was devastated as she was truly in love with Alexander. Her image seems to appear frail and near death because, in her mourning over his death, she chose to starve herself to death feeling she would be unable to live without
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