The Legend Of Kobe Bryant

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Who is the mamba? What is mamba mentality? Why is he called the black mamba? For just a normal people or those people who does not know a lot about basketball, when they heard this word mamba or black mamba these questions are the first thing they came out of their mind. But for basketball junkie mamba is more than just a moniker or a nickname. For them mamba is a living legend or a monster on court or just simply GREAT. “Black Mamba” is the nickname of Kobe Bryant. For him black mamba is more than just a moniker, it is his alter-ego. Kobe created an alter-ego as a way to separate his professional and personal lives. (GAINES, 2015)
Who is the man behind the moniker black mamba? Who is Kobe Bryant? Is he one of the greatest basketball players of all time? Most people know who Kobe Bryant is, but do they know how great he is and what is his background? Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player who won 5 titles in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. He established himself as one of the greatest scorers. Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He
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His mother is Pam Bryant. Kobe Bryant is an American; his height is 6’6 with a weight of 212 lb. (96 kg). Kobe spent his early days in Italy and joined and NBA straight out of High school. Kobe studied high school in Lower Merion High School at Ardmore Pennsylvania. Kobe was drafted in NBA on 1996, 1st round, and 13th pick by the Charlotte Hornets but later on traded to the

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