The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Book Vs Movie Essay

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A commonality shared with almost all movies that are based off a book or comic, is the comment “ the book is always better” this stems from the feelings of disappointment that many feel when the movie doesn 't get something exactly right. This is because, the movie and the book are drastically different, mostly because of the different time period and background of the author and the director. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and its movie adaptation are an example of the differences
In the movie and the book the romantic relationship between Ichabod and Katrina evolved differently, the movie expands upon it, while in the book it falls flat. The book’s view on their romance shows it as merely a means to an end for Ichabod, he falls in love not with
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Ichabod also partakes in many local myths, sitting by the fireside with Dutch wives listening to their old myths, which is how he is introduced to the tale of the Hessian or the Headless Horseman. The movie adaptation takes a much different route for Ichabod’s eccentricities, he is shown to fall squarely on the side of reason, going as far to debate with his superiors during the beginning, which results in him being sent him to the town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate the murders. He later meets with those with high standings in the town. This meeting is where Ichabod is introduced to the idea of the Hessian. The difference in character traits like belief in otherworldly beings and practices is one major thing that sets the two Cranes apart.

So these were a few of the reason the movie adaption the book differ. Many fans of book series tend to find numerous inaccuracies within movie adaptations of famous novels and short stories, but these are because the director of a movie and the author of a book have different jobs, and many do these quite differently from others. It all depends on the differences between time periods and backgrounds. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow being a prime example of how these two
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