The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Rip Van Winkle And The Specter Bridegroom Short Story

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The book I was reading was “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Rip Van Winkle and the Spectre Bridegroom” by Washington Irving. The book was about three stories the legend of sleepy hollow, Rip van Winkle and the specter Bridegroom each one was a unique story. The legend of the sleepy hollow was about Icobob a friendly school teacher that was in love with the towns rich man’s daughter. The rich man had a huge feast and ball, he invited everyone. Icobob says this as an opportunity to win the hand of Katrina, the rich man 's daughter, As soon as the party is over he rides off and gets killed by the headless horseman. In the second story there is a man called rip van Winkle, he gets scolded by his wife a lot. So one day after his wife had scolded him he went off hunting. He finds a very old man who leads him on a journey when he comes back though, it has been 20 years. He goes on to find his son is married, his wife has died and that he has a daughter. In the specter bridegroom, a lady is about to be married but her husband to die to try to come to his wedding. Instead, his best friend comes with the news but is mistaken to be her groom. He goes on to pretend he is a ghost, he then realizes he has one the girl 's heart. One day the girl goes missing the next morning he finds count/not the groom…show more content…
Two events that that created a major change in the story was the choice of Ichabod to go to the party and then go home alone and rip’s decision to go to the mountains. According to Irving “ The only signs of nearby life were the sad chirp of a cricket and the deep voice of a bullfrog. It was a bad time to be alone.” This shows that if he didn’t go alone he wouldn’t be missing and if he wasn 't missing he would have been with Katrina instead of from bones.In rip van tassel he went to the mountain and got lost then he had this huge dream and woke up 20 years later his wife is dead and he has a daughter. If he didn 't go to the mountains he would have lived all the twenty years of
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