The Legend Of The Pianist: A Story Of Pianist

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The movie Pianist tells a story of genius pianist Szpilman. During the World War II, a Polish-Jewish pianist is playing live on the radio in Warsaw, Poland. German troops soon enter Warsaw, where life for Jews deteriorates as the Nazi authorities implement crazy mutilation on Jews. His family members have been killed one after another. Szpilman survives but suffers from inhuman humiliation and torture in Jewish Ghetto. With the help of his friends, he manages to escape from the search of German Police. Fortunately, he meets a German officer when he searches for supplies. Enthralled by the pianist 's gift and ability, the German officer protects him from death. The World War II eventually breaks down and the pianist lives to see victory.
The Legend of 1900 tells a story of pianist whose name is 1900. A baby boy was found abandoned on a cruise ship and a worker on the ship determined to raise him. He names the boy 1900, the year of his birth. Sadly, a few years later, the worker is killed in a workplace accident, and 1900 is forced to survive aboard the ship as an orphan. He never has a chance to see the world outside this ship. The boy shows a particular gift for pianist and eventually grows up and becomes the pianist of the ship 's orchestra. His reputation as a pianist gradually is so renowned that Jelly, of New Orleans jazz fame, on hearing of 1900 's skill comes aboard to challenge him to a piano duel. Eventually, he beats Jelly. The 1900 met a girl and she have to

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